DIY Multi functional Facial Mists with Essential Oils for various skin types

We’re already mid-way through February of 2018 and on verge of seeing off the winter season. Summer is fast approaching which will come bearing heat, humidity and dry air. Here in India, where the climate is mostly hot through the year, our bodies and skins need to gear up to combat these extreme weather conditions.

Summer can lend our skins to be dehyderated, tanned and undernourished. Moisterising just twice a day (mornings and evenings) may not be enough. Mid-way through your day at office or in your college when your skin has already faced grime, pollution and secretion of oil, you need a skin boost. You don’t want to go dull faced to that important meeting or lecture now, do you?

Face Mist

Facial mists with Essential Oils are a good solution to these problems while facing the sweltering summer heat. They’re refreshing, soothing and deliver healthy benefits to your skin all the while imparting a dewy glow. They are known to deeply cleanse the skin, shrink large pores, reduce oiliness & blemishes, tighten and tone skin while giving it a lift and firmness, fight acne, even out skin complexion, freshen face, set or remove makeup, cool down a hot sweaty face, reduce inflammation and much more! They’re also pocket friendly and chemical free.

One quick and generous spray of a good mist revitalises your skin, waking it up instantly while giving you the much sought after ‘I-just-stepped-out-of-the-shower‘ look. And all this from just a tiny bottle kept in your handbag while at work!

But offcourse, facial mists can be expensive and some may even contain parabens and sulphates which are chemical skin irritants that are highly dangerous to our health, as per research. These chemicals are used for increasing the longevity of skincare/makeup products, for foaming as they are cheaper surfactants and for various other reasons. Continual use of these hazardous chemical laden products can also be cancerous. The DIY facial mists below give you the freedom to choose what goes onto your skin and subsequently in your body.

Anyway, the recipes below are divided according to different skin types. Their shelf life is that of 3-4 days with refrigeration as they DO NOT include any preservatives and hence can turn rancid. You will need a dark, amber coloured spray bottle for storing these. Make a fresh batch after every 4-5 days. They all include essential oils, the infinite goodness of which I cannot stress enough upon. They’re just magical..

You can find these essential oils on AromaShop and Amazon

Oily Skin:

Dry Skin:

Mature or Aging Skin:

I hope the above recipes inspire you to experiment with different natural ingredients to create your own original concoctions that suit you and your family. Do drop in a comment if you tried and liked these amazing facial mists..

See you in my next one!



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